Daily Practice 7: Car Practice

In this video I demonstrate one of the many things I do to practice while driving.  This is the type of routine that can really help make a commute or any drive a great time to practice working on music, improvisation, learning tunes etc.. This example focuses on singing a short phrase from the standard Stardust.  I sing the melodic fragment while visualizing the fingerings on my instrument (tenor saxophone) and visualize the chord and numeric relationship of the melody to that chord.  I have learned many new tunes using this method while driving.  You can practice nearly anything that you can sing this way.  Keep in mind I do not have perfect pitch so when I sing I don’t know what key I’m really in.  I just try to sing the pitches in a relative relationship to each other.  The nice thing about this is that I can sing in one key while visualizing that melody in any of the 12 keys.




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