Lesson 61: “Drop 2” Voicing

While working on major 7th and minor 7th “drop 2” chord voicings, I found a nice  shape to work on through the keys.   Drop 2 is a great way to voice chords and has been used in classical and jazz music for hundreds of years.  Several of Mick Goodricks books really get into the drop 2 voicing in depth while this short exercise just looks at one simple major and minor voicing in isolation.  Arpeggiating voicings on a single note instrument can be  interesting and challenging and will help you incorporate intervallic melodies to contrast traditional linear ideas. One nice thing about working with a chord voicing is that,  no matter what order you play the notes in, a strong melody ensues.


Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing PDF

Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing mp3 sing along

Lesson 61: Drop 2 Voicing backing track


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